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Fascial Power Massager Gun CY-001

Fascial Power Massager Gun CY-001

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Interchangeable Massage Head Models: The massage gun offers a variety of interchangeable massage heads, including global, U-shaped, cylindrical, and T-shaped models.

馃敼 Ball Head: Designed to target areas such as the arms, waist, hips, thighs, and more.

馃敼 Y-shaped Head: Specifically used for massaging the neck, cervical vertebrae, Achilles tendon, and other specific areas.

馃敼 Roller Head: Provides a thorough massage for the spine, joints, and other parts of the body.

馃敼 T-shaped Head: Offers a soothing and calming massage experience for the entire body.

馃寛 Bright Hues and Creative Design: Eye-catching bright hues, distinctive appearance, and creative design enhance the massage gun's aesthetic appeal.

馃攱 Wireless and Quick Charging: Convenient wireless operation with fast charging capability using a Type-C charging connector.

馃憪 Comfortable Pistol-grip Handle: Designed with a comfortable pistol-grip handle for easy and convenient use.

馃拞 Customizable Massage Experience: Tailor the tempo, intensity, and technique of the massage to relieve muscle tension and discomfort in different body regions.

馃挭 Multiple Benefits: Helps ease post-exercise muscle tension, reduces fatigue from prolonged sitting, treats muscle soreness and stiffness, and increases blood flow.

鈿 Instant Relief and Recovery: Provides immediate relief from muscle fatigue and soreness, aiding in speedy recovery for hikers and sports enthusiasts.

馃攪 Quiet Operation: Operates silently, allowing for a peaceful massage experience without disturbing others.

馃殌 Portable and Space-saving: Easy to transport and doesn't take up much room, making it convenient for on-the-go use.

Feature Description
Power 30W
Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Charger Type Type-C
Charging Time 2 hours
Interface USB Type-C
Material ABS
Voltage 7.4V
Color Red
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